Medialuna (MDL) was created in 1998 with a goal of becoming the first Argentinean company specialised in Brand Identity for Tv Networks.
From its beginning and as a result of its work, the company grew internationally and is acknowledged by colleagues and clients all around the globe. It has been awarded several times for its achievements in broadcast design in North and Latin America, as well as, Europe and Asia.

Nowadays, the company’s Creative Direction is lead by Benjamin Ochoa and Eduardo Maraggi.

As communicators, we don’t have a fixed style, or follow any particular aesthetic trend. We don’t see ourselves as artists, even though many of us in our personal life do.
We strongly believe that leaving our personal aesthetic mark in the message is not only unnecessary, but also threatens the diversity and originality of each image, as well as the right communications with the audience.

Therefore our ideology to focus on emerging needs of each particular project, its cultural environment, its amplitude, and specify comes out naturally. Flexibility and versatility are trademarks or our work philosophy, which allows us to articulate different messages according to the ever changing communication needs.